Email Marketing

For many large agencies and brokers, creating and maintaining a successful email marketing initiative can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to marketing automation and dynamic content fulfillment.  The key to a successful email marketing campaign lies in the ability to engage prospects and clients with relevant information on a consistent and professional basis. The goal is to build a trustworthy online relationship with both prospects and clients. Large agencies and brokers can leverage email marketing to extend their brand, to provide credibility and to demonstrate thought leadership. Some important components of a successful insurance email marketing initiative include:

  • Assemble a high quality email marketing list, and follow opt-in best practices and CAN-SPAM regulations.
  • Ping test and cull all email lists prior to the initial campaign.
  • Provide a simple and easy opt out (and track and promptly process manual requests too).
  • Digital content should be current, relevant and provide educational value.
  • Establish an acceptable frequency – and ensure consistency.
  • Make compelling and succinct “Calls To Action” – it’s usually best to have only  one or two calls to action per email.
  • Examine emails for accidental use of rush words, spam words and terms, and Bayesian poisoning.
  • Execute, measure, refine. Execute, measure, refine. A continual process.

Insurance email marketing is a nuanced initiative. Agencies and brokers lacking the tools, time or resources to accomplish their goals can reach out the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling for a complimentary email marketing review. Contact us for more information.