Web Analytics

At StartUpSelling, we specialize in a number of web analytics tools and techniques including Google Analytics, Hubspot, Alexa, and others. This expertise enables us to assist businesses in growing through an intelligent, informed, and targeted approach to increased opportunity and web visibility. There are a wide variety of important metrics to track in the process of optimizing sales and marketing initiatives. These include:

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  • Site traffic
  • Page traffic
  • Traffic by source
  • Organic traffic
  • PPC/CPC traffic
  • Average time per page (stickiness)
  • Average time per visit
  • Traffic rank

In addition to these standard metrics and services, StartUpSelling offers Visitor ID tracking. This tool presents a unique way to identify prospects who visit your site, allowing to reach out to a greater number of warm leads. In addition to providing more quality leads and better information about who’s visiting your site, Visitor ID tracking also increases the ROI on web analytics and web visibility efforts, as more traffic to your site translates directly into more warm leads.

If you don’t know how you’re trending and can’t readily access these data, you lack an objective and factual way to determine the effectiveness of your web marketing efforts. Are your webinars driving traffic to the site? Your blogs? Your backlinks and/or metadata? You’ll never be able to accurately address and improve your web visibility and web marketing initiatives until you have analytics in place to track them.