Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a key component of any web marketing plan. Professionally executed search engine optimization creates a multitude of benefits and opportunities to help optimize your organic website traffic.

SEO, when properly implemented, provides excellent lead generation opportunities. The first step involves a comprehensive keyword analysis. We help your organization analyze and select the best long tail keywords for your website. Long tail keyword phrases are three to five words in length.

When your prospects are looking to find a vendor, how will they search? Let’s say a prospect types “Group Benefits California” or “Law Firm New York” into their Google browser. Your organization wants to be on page one as an organic result. This is referred to as organic SEO. The results (called SERPS) – are based on relevance. There are no PPC fees for organic SEO, and businesses can opt to supplement their organic SEO with a PPC initiative.

SEO provides a competitive advantage for your business. When you are speaking with a prospect, you want to convey your professionalism and expertise. A great way to prove that you and your organization are the authority in your market is to demonstrate how your website and SEO are current and relevant. If you are proposing an Employee Benefits solution in Florida, ask your prospect to search Employee Benefits Florida – and show them you come up first because you specialize in this area and invest in current tools and technology.

There are many SEO solutions available in the marketplace: those which focus on local searches, those which specialize in platforms or technology, companies which promote link building and many more. When choosing your SEO provider, select a company who understands B2B marketing. StartUpSelling offers territory exclusive SEO and marketing programs to ensure improved web presence and increased leads. Beware of low cost, link building campaigns and high volume, low quality approaches to SEO. Invest in relevant, high quality content and incorporate a professional social media marketing initiative to compliment your SEO.

SEO Services:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Development
  • SEO Analysis
  • Long Tail Keyword Research
  • Blog Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • ePublishing Article Creation
  • Web Marketing Plans
  • Analytics
  • Website Video, YouTube Video Marketing