Marketing Services


Every prospect, partner and client will visit your website. And they will do so using a variety of devices, including phones and tablets. Agencies and brokers must have a current, professional and mobile compliant website. Add video to improve the visitor experience and convey your value proposition quickly and effectively. Insurance agencies, brokers and wholesalers should embrace content marketing to attract and engage their target audience. There are many types of digital content marketing available including: Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Press Releases, Social Media, & Newsletters. StartUpSelling offers insurance organizations all of these – and more. Insurance Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics are powerful tools, an important component of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Measure, enhance and refine should be the mantra. Web Analytics can identify which companies are visiting websites, how often, how long they stay, and how to increase conversions.
We work closely with your agency or wholesale brokerage to deliver territory exclusive insurance marketing and lead generation solutions, customized to your specific needs, at highly competitive rates. Our retainers include a comprehensive list of insurance marketing services from appointment setting to social media marketing, from website development to insurance videos. And we create a delivery schedule designed to help achieve your specific sales and marketing goals. Are insurance leads your priority? Is your website in need of an immediate overhaul? Is your prospect list out of date? Do you need a blog? Our business is helping yours with state of the art insurance marketing and lead generation programs tailored to the specific needs of your insurance organization, wholesale brokerage or MGA!

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  • Insurance Marketing & Lead Gen
  • Territory Exclusive Services
  • Customized Project Service Retainers
  • Insurance Email Marketing Solutions
  • Web Seminar Marketing & Lead Gen
  • Insurance Website Design & Development

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  • Insurance Web Marketing Services
  • Insurance SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
  • Insurance Website Video
  • Blogging & Content Creation

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  • Insurance Marketing Plans
  • Targeted Prospect List Generation
  • B2B Appointment Setting/Telemarketing
  • Insurance eMail List Generation
  • Client Testimonials & Case Studies
  • Sales Consulting & Coaching Services